A Few Of The Best Online Shops For The UK

The popularity of online shopping has exploded within the last few years, with more and more heading to the internet for their fashion fix. It appeals to those of us too lazy to venture to the shops and deal with the crowds, or those who are hunting for a bargain. Whilst there are endless places that you can go to shop, I’ve selected a few of my favourites to give you a little inspiration.

Although this shop is gaining more and more popularity in the market, I still think it’s so undervalued in favour of other cheap places, such as eBay. It’s basically Primark online, selling cheap, fashionable clothing, shoes and accessories. It’s a great place to go for party dresses, cheap basics and statement pieces when you’re feeling a little penny-pinching. I bought a plain black maxi dress from here last summer that fitted like a dream and lasted me two summers before the shape started to go. They constantly have sales on too, and the delivery is fast and cheap. Returns are amazingly easy and I’ve never had any problems or questions with items that I’ve returned.

Another great one for savings, this is the one I go to on payday. The quality of their clothes is usually very good (I did have an unfortunate experience with some jeans from there, but their returns department dealt with it promptly and efficiently and I got every penny back) and the look is classier and more luxe than somewhere like boohoo. It’s often featured in magazines after some celebrity is spotted in their clothing and it’s easy to see why. You can find some real gems on here and they update their range often enough for you to visit regularly and fall in love every time.

This site is more suited to buying statement dresses and in season items than basics. If, like me, you get sick of websites showing all of their clothes on super-slim, impossibly leggy models (I’m looking at you, ASOS) then this website shows the clothes on their own. I find that it helps me make a judgment based more on the item, rather than thinking, “wow, that dress looks great on a 6”, size 6 model, so it must look great on me too!” and the subsequent heartache when it doesn’t. They have good, quick delivery and the clothes are always folded so nicely in the packaging that it’s not usually necessary to iron the item a few times before wearing it. The quality is as good as any high street shop and the sizes are pretty standard.

It’s important before you do any kind of online shopping to check out their payment protection policy. It’s alarming how easy it is for hackers to get into these types of shops and steal your details or even your identity. Open up a Paypal account for the most peace of mind, and ensure that you specify when ordering that you do not want your details (even your preferences or address) with any third parties. Happy shopping!

The Travelling Musician

I’ve been doing live performances for years. Most of the time, I perform at public places such as parks, tourist spots, and the like. I do this not to become famous, but to be able to provide support to a certain home for the aged people. This has been an advocacy for almost ten years now. However, a little more than a year ago, a big group wanted to sponsor my performances because they also wanted to help out.

We’re planning to move things to the next level by producing bigger gigs and fundraising concerts. I, myself, have been preparing on my own. I bought a bunch of stuff that I may need for bigger events such as an kala ukulele found at the Musician’s Friend, better speakers, microphones, and the like. I really hope we’d be able to pull this off.

10 Ways to Become a Better Flirt

Meta: Flirting isn’t something everyone can do easily. Here are 10 ways you can become a better flirt and get the girl of your dreams.

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to make a woman swoon? We can tell you that it takes more than a cheesy pick up line and some machismo bravado. You have to put more effort into wooing a woman, not to mention have some personality to back up those good looks of yours, buddy. In essence, you need the perfect combination of charisma, a good sense of humor, and of course good manners.

Girls date for free – online dating site shares 10 ways that you can become a better flirt and get on her good side.

1. Banter

Having the ability to partake in witty banter with a pretty girl will help you go far. It will grab her attention almost immediately. When there is chemistry between you both, the banter will come freely show her that you can be playful.

2. Smirking

Forget everything you’ve heard about smiling being attractive because it only comes off as needy—especially if you can’t stop grinning like the Cheshire cat. Instead of letting yourself smile like a loon, a well-timed smirk will get you much more attention. It’s seductive, attractive, and it gives you the right amount of mystery.

3. Use Original Compliments

When you are giving a woman a compliment, don’t say the same ole’ stuff that they hear on a daily basis. Just imagine how many times she hears how beautiful she is, how gorgeous her eyes are, or how charming her laugh is. Before you issue your compliment, take a few moments to take her in and then tailor your compliment specifically for her. This could be something about her clothing or something she said.

4. Remember the Small Things

When you are trying to woo a woman, you should always take notice of small details. You may think that it isn’t important, but when you surprise her about something she said, something she likes, or even what she may have done, she will appreciate you all the more.

5. Give Her Space

As you start to become more familiar with one another, you will want to spend more time together. However, it is important to not crowd her. Instead, you will want take some time away from her. This means if things are going really good, find an excuse to leave for a few moments. This will have her anxious for your return. If you see each other for a few consecutive days, don’t see her for a day or two, and keep the communications to a minimum (don’t completely ignore her though!).

6. Show Her Your Other Side

Most men have two sides to them: the one that everyone sees on a daily basis and the other side that is usually only reserved for people they really care about. You will want to let your guard down and show her the softer side of you, especially if you are trying to win her over. She will take notice that you are different around only her, and she will take that to heart.

QuickFlirt.com Members Share Their Reasons for Joining An Online Dating Site

Meta: Deciding to start dating again is difficult, but by joining an online dating site like QuickFlirt.com, the process doesn’t have to cause you anxiety.

For whatever reason that you may have found yourself single, you may feel like you’re ready to start dating again, but the idea of going back into the dating scene terrifies you. Things may have changed, you may be older, or you simply may not have the time. It’s completely understandable and which is why many people are turning to online dating.

In a survey about online dating, we asked the members of QuickFlirt.com why they decided to try online dating and what is their favorite thing about it. Here are some of the answers they gave us.

1. Larger Pool of Fish

Many of the members surveyed said that they chose online dating simply because they had the ability to reach more potential suitors than any other method of dating. The internet is a vast place and with thousands of users on a dating site, you would be very hard pressed to not find someone that you could find a connection with.

2. Specialty Sites and Refined Search Options

Whether you join a dating site that is designed with a particular theme (Christian Dating, Uniform Dating, Mature Dating, and the like), or join a broad site that has a little bit of everything but features a refined search engine, you can find a site that will have people with your specific criteria. If you like businesswoman with blonde hair and no children, you can find it. If you like a military person who is stationed in town for a short time, you can find it. The possibilities are endless.

3. Dating on Your Terms

Unlike regular dating methods, the members of QuickFlirt.com especially love how convenient online dating is. They can send out a few messages at night before bed, and by their lunch time the next day, their inbox could be full of responses and even new messages from members who want to get to know them—thanks to a profile search. Also, not only can you look for love when you want, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. This saves you time and money. One of the biggest complaints those surveyed had about conventional dating was the time, effort, and money they wasted going out to the club and bar only to come home without meeting anyone they felt a connection with. With online dating, you never have to leave your couch in order to do it.

4. Get To Know The Person

With online dating, you have the ability to get to know the person before you actually go out on a date with them. Once you come across a profile of someone you want to get to know, you can send them a private message or an instant message. From there, you can learn so much about one another without formally meeting face to face. You could essentially take all the time you need. However, we don’t really recommend taking too long—you don’t want the other person to lose interest after all. The point of online dating is to actually start dating at some point!

How Can You Know If The One You’re With Is Really The One

When you’re just getting to know someone new, there are a great many emotions that are bound to go racing through your mind. After all, you’re now intimately involved in the process of getting to know a completely new person, someone who may well have been a complete stranger to you only weeks or even days before now. What’s going on here? Why the sudden infatuation? Is this a real emotional feeling, or just a blip on your radar?

What Is This Strange Thing Called Attraction? Is It For Real?

It’s a heady mix of sensations, a magic brew of emotions that may leave your heart and mind reeling. But, when all is said and done, perhaps there is still a nagging voice in the back of your head that keeps questioning whether this new person you’ve met is really The One. Just what is this strange thing called attraction, and is it for real? Are you risking years of possible unhappiness on a random throw of the dice?

You’ll Know They Are The One When You Meet Them…Or Will You?

Most people just generally tend to assume that they will know they have met The One when they come across them. Laugh if you will, but the truth of the matter is that many millions of people live and die by the tenets of this simple and naive assumption. They really do think that this meeting will come about, either by chance or by the mysterious workings of the unseen hand of Destiny.

Is It Destiny? Pheromones? What Really Determines Your Emotional Reaction?

What is it that determines our emotional reaction toward meeting a new person? Is it destiny? Is there a scientific explanation, perhaps some complicated Einstein speak involving pheromones and other obscure chemical compounds? Or is it simply the ebb and flow of our mysterious, largely unconscious emotions that determines how we will react when we meet someone new?

Balancing The Pain Of Rejection With The Joy Of Acceptance

And if this reaction proves to be overwhelmingly positive, and we begin to crave the company – and perhaps intimate companionship – of this new person in our lives, what then? Are you prepared to face the consequences, positive or negative, that might come when you declare yourself “Interested” in this exciting new person? Is the pain of a possible rejection worth risking for the euphoria of a positive acceptance?

Is There Any Fool Proof Way To Predict What Might Come Next?

Is there any fool proof way to predict what might come next? Is there any real way to know if pursuing a person whom you believe might just be The One is a good or really, really bad idea? Is it even love, and is this person really The One? There is so much at stake here that these questions demand an answer. But where can you turn to get solid relationship advice when you’re practically petrified at the prospect of admitting your feelings, even to yourself?

In the end, love and infatuation are not always the same thing, and there is no fool proof plan to pursue in matters of the heart. However, you could always click here to get excellent advice on such intimate matters.

10 Nuggets of Wisdom for Dating in Your 30s

Meta: At 30, you are wiser and more experienced than you were while in your 20s. With the help of these 10 tips, you can rock the dating world.

No matter how old you are, dating isn’t something that people know how to do. Some people are able to find great success while dating and others… Well, not so much. Maturedating.com compiled a list of 10 things you should know when you are dating in your 30s.

1. Know Who You Are

When you’re in your teens and your 20s, you are still trying to find yourself, but once you cross that threshold and are now a 30-something, you need to buck up and know who you are. You may feel like no one will be attracted to you once they learn you enjoy needlepoint and anime, but if you try to be someone you aren’t, not only will it bite you in the butt in the end, but do you really want to live a lie?

2. Relax and Calm Down

At 30, you need to be able to take a deep breath and relax whenever you are faced with a problem. Younger women tend to overreact to things and blow the situation out of proportion.

3. Say Good-Bye to the Timelines

You may have wanted to be married and with a baby by the time you hit 32, but if you’re approaching your 32nd birthday and you’re still single, chances are neither of those things will happen by the deadline. Instead, give yourself ample time to find the man you want to settle down with. It could be tomorrow or it could be ten years from now. Heck, you may even find that your priorities may change within that time!

4. Keep an Open Mind

When you are younger, you probably had a “type.” However, now that you’re older, you should be more open to dating someone who doesn’t fit your idea of what a perfect match is. You never know what kind of love connection you could make when you keep your options open.

5. Learn to Say Good-bye

You may be in a relationship with someone but feel like it is going nowhere. If that is the case, learn to say enough is enough. If you want to get married and you’ve been dating for a number of years and he has no inclination of proposing, maybe you may want to talk about it and consider ending things if your end goals do not align.

6. Don’t Allow Yourself to Fall Apart

When things don’t work out with you and some guy, don’t let yourself crumble. You have gone through this before and you know it doesn’t help to call everyone in your phone’s directory and talk about it. Instead, if you suffer heartache, journal about it or call your best friend. Yes, in time your heart will mend, but the world doesn’t need to know about it.

7. Trust Your Intuition

You’ve been on enough dates to know when things are going well and when they are going down the drain. Trust your instincts and if you feel like things are going nowhere or if the guy is being too creepy, get out of dodge!

8. Be an Effective Communicator

Contrary to popular belief, in order to be an effective communicator, it isn’t about talking and oversharing. It is actually all about listening. So when you are on a date, listen. During a conversation, employ a 70/30 rule: listen 70% of the conversation and talk 30%.

9. Stop Chasing Dead Ends

We all have that one person that we turn to when we are feeling particularly lonely. This safety blanket of a person is actually holding us back from truly getting out there and putting forth an effort to find a partner, and if you keep going to this safety blanket, you have to ask yourself why? Especially when you know nothing substantial will come of it.

10. Never Settle

Yes, you are getting older. Yes, you may feel the pressure to settle down. DO NOT DO IT. You don’t want to settle on the first man who comes your way, simply to appease some idea that you have to be in a relationship, married, kids, and whatever else by the time you hit a certain age. If you don’t meet someone that you want to do these things with, don’t do it!